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About Us
CHRIS LUTH is the creator of the "Energy Based Sensuality"tm & "E.Sensual Massage"tm systems (which powerfully combine his lifetime of Chi Gong/energy training with Tantra & Conscious Sensuality/Sexuality). Chris has the unique distinction of bieng the only teacher in this field who is also an internationally recognized Tai Chi & Chi Gong Master with over 40 years experience in energy work. 

Having the unusual upbringing of being trained in these fields since his youth (his mother was a meditation teacher and family therapist), his esoteric studies began at 15.... and at age 17 he entered a residential Tantric/Esoteric school where he participated for 10+ years in intensive studies in Tantra, Psychology, Eastern spirituality, philosophy, massage, meditation, Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Gong energy work. After completing this course of studies he continued his investigation of these fields for many years through a variety of other sources.
Chris grew up from the age of 8 being trained also as a high performance athlete (Ice Hockey, Soccer, Track, Surfing, skiing & Snowboarding) and a Martial Artist......later, at the age of 17, he became a disciple of Tai Chi Grandmaster Liu Chen Huan from China and has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, Tui Shou grappling & Sword  Sparring throughout The Americas, Europe, Asia & Australia for over 30 years.

He is a member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.....a 2 time U.S. National Tai Chi Champion (during the "Golden Age of Competition")..... Creator of "Psycho-Energetic Chi Gong"tm .....founder of the "Pacific School of Tai Chi & Chi Gong"tm (1979).....and "Tai Chi In Paradise"tm (1986) through which he offers residential Educational Retreats in ....Bali....Costa Rica....Hawaii and other beautiful, exotic locations. 

Chris is a regularly featured presenter at international conferences on Sexuality & Consciousness....as well as those on Chinese Martial Arts.

He is also available for Private Instruction in TAI CHI and CHI GONG...as well as COACHING sessions for individuals & couples addressing EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL INTIMACY concerns or upgrades.


Chris is continually researching & learning....and when not teaching Tai Chi & Chi Gong or Tantra & Energy Based Sensuality....he spends his time dancing, surfing and snowboarding around the world.  
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